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The new trailer of “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit has released, in which Chris Pine introduces his character, Jack Ryan, Tom Clancy’s everyman hero.

In “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,” the CIA analyst turned covert spy has a more hurried trajectory than in the previous films that featured the Jack Ryan character (based on a series of popular novels by the recently departed Tom Clancy). From the looks of this exclusive clip, he becomes a bad-guy-thwarting spy pretty darn quickly.

In the trailer, Jack Ryan (Captain Kirk himself, Chris Pine) is handed a gun by his superior (Kevin Costner) and told that he’s got to get in the game. In the previous Jack Ryan films, Ryan starts out as kind of a nerd, an office drone who pours over paperwork and printouts to find the patterns that will ultimately make him a topnotch government agent. In “The Hunt for Red October,” as played by Alec Baldwin, he’s a genuine paper-pusher, but the character became more proactive when Harrison Ford assumed the role for two subsequent films, then Ben Affleck in 2002′s “The Sum of All Fears.”

Here, Costner gravely intones that he is “operational,” meaning fieldwork has all but begun, well before the first chapter in this Jack Ryan re-imagining is over. The look on Pine’s face is pretty priceless, he may have piloted a spaceship into battle twice now, but he looks positively terrified about what Costner’s character is asking him to do.

“Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” opens on January 17.