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Meera Chopra, who made a debut in Bollywood with ‘Gangs Of Ghosts’, says her surnam is becoming a point of irritation for her. “It’s getting a bit too much, this constant reference to being a Chopra girl. Every time I get in front of anyone, the Chopra connection is all they have to ask. It’s irritating,” says Meera, who is related to Priyanka and Parineeti Chopra. “My dad is the first cousin of both their dads,” she explains.

A while ago Parineeti had said in an interview that she did not know who Meera was. To which Meera reacts, “I guess these things happen when you are in a family as large as ours,” says Meera, who is now looking forward to the release of Vikram Bhatt’s film, 1920 London. “It’s a sweet love story that has a background of black magic,” informs Meera who also endorses a fashion week, like her sister Priyanka does. “I am a trained fashion designer from New York. I wanted to be a designer but I guess destiny had other plans for me and I became an actor,” she says.