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Last year when Sonam Kapoor hosted a party for her cousin Arjun Kapoor’s birthday (June 26), Deepika Padukone, his co-star from Finding Fanny, was very much present. It is being suggested in gossip circles that Sonam is now draggers drawn with her once-good-friend Deepika. 

Not only does she have a professional rivalry going with the current hot favourite in Bollywood, she also has no personal equation with Deepu. The candid Sonam has been taking subtle potshots at Deepika’s dress sense and her overall demeanour on camera.

As the distance between these two girls — who started their film careers together in 2007 — widens, one hears that their social soirees together are also likely to come to a stand still. Just like rivals — Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan — who check on each other’s movements when they are invited to the same functions/parties; so as to not bump into one another; Sonam too, has no intentions of bonding with Deepika unless, of course, the paparazzi is present in full force and they have to put on ‘an act’.