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Vishal Bhardwaj himself had once quipped about how preoccupied Shahid Kapoor is with his hair, and in a funny twist of fate, he’s the reason why the actor will be losing it all.

Now, It has confirmed that they have settled on the look and Shahid will indeed be going bald for the film. The actor said:

“I knew it five months ago when Vishal started discussing Haider with me. All my hair is going. But it’s fine. The role is so good that I don’t mind shaving off my head completely. I cannot tell you the exact reason [for going bald] because that would give away the story. The protagonist in Hamlet may not have been bald. But Haider is an adaptation.”

Considering how much he loves his hair, he seems to be surprisingly okay with losing it all. He won’t be shaving it off immediately, since portions of the film require him to have his hair. Once those are shot, he will be shaving his hair off in Kashmir.