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Superstar Shah Rukh Khan wants to take his children to Peshawar, where his family hails from.

“My family is from Peshawar and few of them still live there. I would love to come to Peshawar and bring my children over because my father took me when I was 15. Then he passed away. I still have some of the greatest memories of the time I spent with my father in Peshawar, Karachi and Lahore. I just wish that I could take my children there someday,” he said.

Shah Rukh was born in India but his father Taj Mohammed Khan, who was one of the youngest freedom fighters, was from Peshawar.

The ‘Chennai Express’ star also praised the warm hospitality of the people from across the border.

“The one thing that I learnt from there is that people there are very warm. They know how to greet their guest. I have learnt the art of loving and welcoming people from them,” he said.

Shah Rukh feels that the tension between the two countries should reduce and they again become friends.

“I hope that we become friends and be like a family because if we come together than we have the greatest of things for each other,” he added.