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Change is part of life and all of us go through changes every day. Lollywood celebrity Mona Lizza went through a major change when she decided to switch her name to Sara Loren instead of Mona Lizza. The ‘Murder 3’ actress Sara Loren after entering Bollywood decided that it is time for changing names in order to change luck and grab some success.

Her mentoring agency Kwan advised her on this that in order to bring good to her life she needs to change her name.

“I changed my name because so many Mona Lizza’s come up when you type in the name on the internet. It is a very common name somehow. And the new agency that I’m working with in India, Kwan – they also represent Ranbir Kapoor – didn’t want it. They used Italian actress Sophia Loren’s name for inspiration. And since I’m starting over, and this time in Bollywood, I thought I should have a new stage name. I went to a numerologist who told me that there was an issue with the two z’s I used to put in Lizza. May be that’s why I didn’t get the kind of fame that I deserved in the past seven years”

Now that her luck did not turn out to be what she expected after changing the name and she is encountering rejection in professional life so now she has decided that she is going to retain her name Mona Lizza.

She has been superstitious about her name and changing the name has not brought her the fame and attention.