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Everyone is aware of Salman Khan’s heart of gold. For his film Jai Ho, he had ensured that ticket prices were kept in check so that people could afford to go watch it with their families. This time he has proved once again that he cares for the welfare of his fans.

The actor has now decided to find jobs for as many of his fans as he can. A source close to Salman says,”He has over 1.5 crore fans on Facebook but was unhappy about the fact that so many of his young fans waste time on social networking sites instead of spending time constructively. He wanted his facebook page to make a difference in the lives of his fans and decided to offer them jobs. It started off an idea to offer them temp jobs or summer jobs in  his charitable organization- Being Human-stores across the country and then the idea just grew from there.

Now he has talked with most of the brands he endorses from bikes to colas and has convinced them to post job openings on his Facebook page and find people for the positions that need to be filled. Other actors should definitely take a page from this good Samaritan’s book.