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Turkish actor Kıvanc Tatlıtug, who is currently appearing in a TV series titled “Kurt Seyt & Shura” (Wolf Seyt and Shura) recently fell from the horse and broke four of his ribs, according to a turkish newspaper. For this reason, a stuntman who resembles Tatlıtug has been brought in from Russia to play some of Tatlıtug’s scenes.

The series is being shot in Kartep in the northwestern province of Kocaeli. Tatlıtug acts as an officer working for the Russian army, but because of his injuries he won’t be able to play in the scenes on the horse. To ease his pains, a nurse is regularly coming to his hotel to give injections.

The “Kurt Seyt & Shura” crew put great efforts into preventing photos from being taken on set. report

“Kurt Seyt & Shura” has been adapted from Nermin Bezmen’s novel of the same name.