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Not letting his charm come in the way of some big money, ‘Besharam’ actor Ranbir Kapoor will reportedly charge a whopping Rs.25 crore for an endorsement deal for a brand that makes chips.

The commercial, shooting for which will reportedly take a good four days to finish, got off to a jerky start after an actor who was first chosen, chose to withdraw at the last minute over some issues.

Ranbir Kapoor soon became the next obvious choice for the commercial that has yet to be shot. Interestingly, this brand has Ranbir’s cousin Kareena’s husband Saif Ali Khan as their ambassador, but reports claim it isn’t Saif he’s replacing.

All’s well that ends (cough), ‘pays’ well, and stays in the family.

The thing to note is that this isn’t the first time the actor’s charging this much for an ad. Not too long ago, he reportedly charged another brand a none-too-small amount of Rs.12 crore. So, this time he simply doubled it. Is that so, Ranbir?