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The 35-year-old actor was spotted in New Delhi promoting his critically acclaimed film Jal along with its star cast and crew members

While talking about the film, Purab Kohli said that the film is about two warring villages with water scarcity where an environmentalist arrives and realizes that is a problem because of the seep water levels have lowered in. For that search of seep water she utilises Bakka, who is gifted with the ability to find water in the desert, he said. The film’s director, Girish Mallik, said that the story is too intriguing and you get totally involved in the story, taking it on a personal level when the water comes.

The film was applauded by The Hollywood Reporter as “a breathtakingly photographed tragedy of Shakespearean proportions”, and the promos of the movie had been featured in last year’s Cannes. Jal, which was the only Indian film featured in the Busan International Film Festival and was the official selection in the Indian Panorama section at IFFI Goa, is set to hit the silver screen all over India on April 04.