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Bad is good for Mahesh Bhatt’s son. The title that Pooja Bhatt had chosen for the bio-pic on Charles Sobhraj is now being used for Pooja’s brother Rahul Bhatt’s launch film.

Mahesh Bhatt’s son Rahul Bhatt, long in a state of anxious waiting for his movie career to start, is finally getting ready for his big launch.

Rahul’s debut film to be entitled Bad will be produced by Rahul’s sister Pooja Bhatt. Confirming these developments, Pooja says, “The script is being worked on. We will decide the director once the script is done.”

Interestingly, Bad was the title that Pooja Bhatt had chosen for the film based on Charles Sobhraj’s Tihar jailbreak that Prawal Raman was directing for her. Prawal and Pooja had a fall-out. Pooja quit the project and took away the title.

Bad, according to sources, would feature Rahul Bhatt in a grey role.

“It would be a full-on action film. The focus would be on the introducing Rahul as an action hero,” says the source.

Rahul is understandably cautious in his enthusiasm. “I’ve waited very long for this to happen. I am not saying anything until my sister makes an announcement.”