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Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, who won the first Oscars for country on her documentary film ‘Saving Face’, has come up with First Ever Animated Film of Pakistan titled ‘Teen Bahadur (3B)’.

SOC Films, in collaboration with a private production company, has released the official teaser online of ‘3 Bahadur’ which is the story of 3 extraordinary children who take a stand against injustice and become heroes for their community. Sharmeen says about her unique production that it would be a surprise package for the children of our country, and it will awaken the sense of bravery while facing the challenges__ a subject that has never been focused before.

The Oscar Award winning filmmaker is hopeful that it will become talk of the town among our children because in last few years, they have not been provided this sort of entertainment from their Pakistani producers.

The first animated movie of Pakistan will be released both nationwide and globally through different platforms sooner.