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Paresh Rawal, one of the most versatile actors of Bollywood, stated in an interview that many Bollywood films can’t even be compared to Pakistani television shows, let alone Hollywood.

He also said that the success of a film doesn’t depend on the revenue it generates; rather plot and acting hold central importance.

Rawal who had been in Ahmedabad for the promotion of his recent film Raja Natwarlal gave a much too honest opinion about the present standard of films, his passion for acting and the question of 100 crore club. He didn’t feel any reluctance in sharing his thoughts about the decline in the quality of films being produced.

When asked whether the audiences are taken for granted, an act highly unlikely in Hollywood, Rawal answered,

“Forget Hollywood, we cannot even compare our films to Pakistani shows. They are far more superior to what we produce here. We need to make some more smart films where we don’t take our audience for granted and think that they will not understand what we want to convey. And this is what attracted me to Raja Natwarlal. Con films genre is one genre that hasn’t been explored much and there is a lot of scope in this genre.”

He also declared that despite the countless roles he has played, he doesn’t feel he has done everything.

“As long as I am getting good work I’ll never feel that I have done everything. The script is always bigger than the actor, and till the time I am getting good scripts, interesting stories and powerful characters, I will continue doing films. It is only when there is a dearth of good stories that an actor’s career comes to a standstill, and it’s not that it doesn’t happen, it happens a lot.”

Responding to the question about famous ‘100 crore pot-boilers’ getting more audience than performance oriented films, Paresh Rawal didn’t hesitate in giving an honest answer.

“The producers, exhibitors of these `100 crore films must be taking into the account the sale of popcorn cola in the theatres! Crossing`100 crore is no benchmark of how the film is. Par main `100 crore’ ke bare mein nahi sochta (But I don’t really think about the 100 crore).

Acting is a very organic process for me and as an actor you need to keep evolving and learning throughout your career. There is no certain point where you are complete as an actor. I also try to learn something from every actor I work with. The process should not come to an end.”

His latest film, Raja Natwarlal starring Humaima Malik and Emraan Hashmi is being commended by critics from both India and Pakistan.