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There is no ego clash or enmity between me and Alia. We can be a dysfunctional family sometimes, but we always find time to spend with each other,” she says.

“The film, currently under scripting, has not been written for Rahul specifically, nor is it a launchpad for him. He only has a role in the film because he was closest to the character,” she clears.

Pooja adds that she loves her 21 year old sister and wishes her success. “She is my youngest child and the most fragile sister. While growing up, she was very clear about what she wanted in life, and stardom always lured her. It’s her journey and she will learn through her failures and achievements. Trust me, I take pride in her success,” says Pooja, adding that she’d be happy to offer Alia a role in her film whenever she finds her ‘worthy of the character’.

About all the jokes on Alia online, Pooja says, “If you are the butt of jokes on the internet, it clearly proves you are rising.”