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Mumbai: Preity Zinta’s former friend Ness Wadia on Wednesday broke his silence on the alleged molestation case filed by the actress against him. Wadia wrote a letter to Mumbai Police and provided a list of persons who were present at Kings XI vs CSK match at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium on May 30.

In his letter to the police, Wadia said that Zinta’s complain was false and names given in the list by him can provide a better and independent information.

Earlier in the day, Zinta clarified her stand on why she filed a complaint against Wadia. She said that she was left with no option but to lodge a complaint against

“This is my attempt to set the record straight. Why did I file a FIR with the police? Because after several warnings over the years, I was left with no other option. The whole point of this is that violent physical or aggressive behaviour should not be tolerated by man or woman, celebrity or not! My only fault is that I am a woman, who reached a breaking point after constantly being abused, threatened & humiliated at work by someone who once was very dear to me,” she said.