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New Delhi: Music director Lalit Pandit may have earned huge applause for his creation ‘Munni Badnam’ from Salman Khan-starrer ‘Dabangg’, but it didn’t help him earn any monetary benefit. The music composer told about the battle which the music directors are fighting with the music companies over royalty issues.

As Lalit told, even though the government had passed a law whereby composers and lyricist were entitled to royalty for their songs, it is not being taken seriously. “Yes, the law had come into force but the implementation is still to happen. We are still not getting our royalty. And the problem lies with copyright body Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS).

IPRS is a registered society, and also the body which earns royalties. But because it has been hijacked by music companies, the money doesn’t reach us ever. Wohh sabb aapas mei baant lete hain. Government ne bola bhi ki paisa dena padega, lekin abhi bhi dadagiri chal rahi hai,” he said.

So is there a solution to this? “IPRS has to be cleansed by the govt. to ensure the law is implemented. Since IPRS is not in the control of the music directors, but music companies, we all know who it is favoring,” he replies.

While T-series earned huge revenue from the popular song ‘Munni Badnam’, which was featured in Salman Khan’s ‘Dabangg’, Lalit tells us he never earned a single penny from his own creation. “Indian music is heard across the world. Bollywood ke gaaney har jagah chalte hain. Mera ek gaana ‘Munni badnaam’ ne 100 crore kamaye, aur mujhe ek paise nahi mila. So yes, someone made more than 100 crore on my creation and I didn’t earn even a single penny. And this isn’t just about my song. It happens to every song that does well and crosses Rs 100 crore marks. The day this scams open up, it will turn out to be one of the biggest in OUR country. So you can imagine the figure that’s involved.”