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In the 2008 release Bhoothnath, we saw some friendly ghosts which established the fact that all the ghosts are not scary. Now the story moves ahead with Bhootnath Returns. When Bhoothnath (Amitabh Bachchan) returns to the Bhoot World which is nothing like any one of us would imagine, it’s like a resort where all those who have died are chilling out and having a good time. Once Bhootnath arrives, he realises that he is the biggest joke and that everyone around him laughs at him and criticizes him. They say that it’s shameful that Bhootnath was not able to scare anyone, not even a child!

All this doesn’t go down too well with Bhoothnath who now wants to earn his respect for which he will go back to earth and will have to scare some kids. When he is back on earth, the only kid who can see him is Akhrot (Parth Bhalerao) who is a street smart lad who is not scared of Bhoothnath at all, in fact he uses the ghost for small gains. Soon they are a team and they crack bigger deals which benefits people around them and Akhrot also makes some quick money which helps him pay the rent of his house.

Bhoothnath and Akhrot decide to crack one big deal after which Akhrot will make 20 lakh rupees and will be settled. The job is to evacuate a building built by corrupt politician Jamez (Boman Irani), only this time it’s inhabited by ghosts. The ghosts refuse to leave because they were all killed because they objected the construction of the building that was raised after destroying their homes. An emotional Bhootnath now wants to help the ghosts which would mean taking on the corrupt politician Jamez.

What follows is some great election drama which is as entertaining as the first half of the film. The idea of Bhootnath Returns is a great one and it’s a totally justified sequel unlike most Bollywood sequels.

Bhoothnath is directed very well by Nitesh Tiwari who also wrote the film with Piyush Gupta. The heart of the film is in the performances by the entire cast. Starting with the young, confident child actor Parth Bhalerao who talks to Senior Bachchan as if he is actually his buddy, Amitabh Bachchan who gets into the skin of Bhoothnath delivering a fabulous performance, Boman Irani is great as the negative lead and so is Sanjay Mishra as the lawyer. All of them put up a very entertaining show.

The biggest problem with Bhoothnath is its long length of 155 minutes which could have been easily chopped by 30 minutes or so. Not all songs are entertaining but among the ones that you’ll enjoy is Party to banti hai. Though the Yo Yo Honey Singh number that comes at the end is a total waste.

The film also has some interesting message for people to go out and vote and what better timing as it’s in the heat of elections in India.

There is no doubt that Bhoothnath will entertain cine-goers.. It’s entertainment .. Bachchan style!