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Mathira is back in singing with a hip-hop and pop mixture kind of song titled as ‘Jhoota’ in the new year. This song features Mathira with a rapper named Arbaz Khan who according to his official web page is 12 years old.

‘Beyond Studios’ is behind the production of the video for this song. This isn’t the first time that Mathira tried her luck with singing. Back in 2013 Mathira’s debut song ‘Jadugar’ was released on the scene that actually didn’t earned her reputation in singing so here is Mathira once again trying her luck with this song.

This time Mathira has been clever and she is featured with this 12 years old boy Arbaz Khan and more than the song, people are actually discussing whether or not, this action is condemnable or otherwise to feature with a kid at least 20 years younger than a woman and the woman is dressed in quite sexy manner and dancing.