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The nasty war of words between stand-up comedian Kapil Sharma and controversial actor-producer Kamaal Rashid Khan aka KRK that began in the wee hours of Wednesday took an interesting turn by night.


The fight, which started with KRK mocking Kapil over his Bollywood debut, soured when the actor blamed the comic of threatening him through a ‘Don’ as a comeback.

Kamaal R Khan went to the extent of tweeting the mobile number of the ‘don’, who called him and asked him to stay away from Kapil.

When we called the number, we found that it belongs to a Delhi-based businessman, Sahil Peerzada (who, incidentally, shares his name with a Mumbai-based businessman involved in an IPL brawl).

“Kapil Bhai aur main both are from Amritsar. I’m a big fan of his so I called KRK asking him not to rant insulting things about Kapil, and KRK posted my number on Twitter! I’ve got over 100 calls ab yeh khundak Kapil se hatkar meri personal ho gayi hai so I told him ki saamne mil. He has asked me to meet him at a Mumbai coffee shop, so I’ve come to Mumbai jitni meri calls aa rahi hain, main KRK ki utni haddiyan todunga,” he said.

KRK is unfazed. “Why should I meet him! I’m just amazed at how, in India, a person can openly threaten to kill somebody,” said the 39-year-old, who believes that Kapil might have attacked him on Twitter under the influence of alcohol.

“Woh 100% tun hoga subah ke chaar baje tabhi yeh sab likh gaya,” said KRK, however not ruling out a chance of miss communication created by singer Mika Singh.

“I read somewhere that Mika told Kapil that I referred to him (Kapil) as ‘2Rsppl’ which I never did. I have nothing against Kapil. I’ve hardly ever met him, except for once when he came home to take a photo with me,” he added. Meanwhile, our calls to Kapil went unanswered.