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After delivering four back-to-back successful hits, Deepika Padukone has become one of the most wanted actresses in Bollywood for every director’s film. Although the”Ram Leela” star recently expressed that she wants to work with Salman Khan next, does the “Jai Ho” actor refuse her offer?

Padukone first kicked off her acting career with Shahrukh Khan in “Om Shanti Om” and now she has a desire to collaborate with the “Dabangg” actor, however, it looks like she may need to pass on that opportunity since Salman reportedly doesn’t want her casted.

According to report, Salman apparently requested Sooraj Barjataya “not” to cast Padukone opposite him in his next film.

The director wanted to cast Padukone opposite of the “Dabangg” star in his next film, “Bade Bhaiya,” however, Salman brusher has aside saying that he didn’t want to work with a “busy” actress. Rumors are saying that the actor might have changed his mind in working with the actress because he has a newcomer in mind.

There were previous reports that Padukone was also having date complications because she signed up for Imtiaz Ali’s next film, “Window Seat,” opposite of Ranbir Kapoor with whom she delivered the hit “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani” in May 2013.

Her dates for “Bade Bhaiya” were reportedly clashing with Ali’s film which didn’t allow her to work with Salman.

The director was requesting her to assign 120 days for the shoot from June onwards, but it looks like she won’t be able to pull it off.

Padukone previously admitted that if she does a film with Salman, it will be a “special one.”

“I want to work with Salman. I am really looking forward to work with him. Whenever Salman and I will come together, it will be a special film,” said Padukone.

Just becuase Salman doesn’t want to work with Padukone in his next film, doesn’t mean he won’t work with her in the future. Salman had previously shown interest in working with Padukone as he has been praising her a variety of times and the “Ram Leela” actress felt honored.

“Definitely it feels great when Salman says such good things about me because if you all know he was the one who first noticed me,” said Padukone.

Salman had previously offered Padukone an acting gig during her modeling days, however, she was not ready at the time before taking SRK’s offer.

Padukone is currently working on “Happy New Year” with SRK, Abhishek Bachchan and other actors in the Farah Khan directed film.