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The Haider actor recently commented on his pairing with the former flame. What did Mr Kapoor say about Ms Khan?

It all started, jab they met. Shahid and Kareena’s pairing was once the hot talk of B-town. The duo’s romantic fairytale however witnessed a bitter end and the two actors aren’t on speaking terms anymore. Let’s just say it was good while it lasted. Or was it?Shahid Kapoor certainly thinks otherwise. In a recent statement the Haider actor said, “Kareena and I were a flop pair.”

Relax folks, it’s not how it appears to be. Shahid was in fact talking about his onscreen pairing with Bebo.” We did three films and people didn’t like our pairing in any of them. At that time, people didn’t like seeing us together, but we kept trying. So with Jab We Met, it was almost like people, by mistake, watched it and said, ‘Oh, these two do look good together’.”

Talking further about the film, the actor said, “Today, everyone feels it is this huge movie, but when it had released, it was just like any other hit film.”