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Bollywood lauded the launching of the website in Mumbai on Thursday (October 03) for all the movie lovers, enabling all the likeminded people to connect with each her.

Movie enthusiasts would get to watch and know about movies similar to their tastes.

The website “Flick Bay” is easily accessible and would be of great help to the viewers.

The occasion was graced by the core members of the website as they expect to reap huge profits.

“We have invested a, you know this is probably our fourth or fifth investment in India right now. And we have invested heavily in digital media. So we are quite excited about being involved in this project,” said Amit, owner of the venture capital firm in Singapore.

Meanwhile, Bollywood film producer Ritesh Sidhwani appreciated the website and called it a platform where likeminded people could share their views.

“Lots of unique features and I think what draws me specially to it is that it gives you an opportunity to connect to likeminded people who think about films. So it’s something I am definitely waiting to log onto to see how many people are there who share this similar sensibilities of the kind of movies we like to watch,” said Sidhwani

Bollywood actor Farhan Akthar said that he waiting to see how many people having similar views log onto the website.

“How do we connect with each other, we connect with each other on similar interests. So be it books, be it sport, be it film, be it art, be it business. And this is a great way of getting together people who have like minded tastes,” said Farhan Akthar.

The users would get an opportunity to know about the songs, the trailers, film clippings and the film directors as well as the producers would be able to interact with the audience directly.