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Popular actor-comedian Sunil Grover, who became a household name after playing Guthi, says he is nervous and feels a sense of responsibility to entertain the audience.

Sunil Grover, who tickled the funny bone of the audience by playing Guthi in ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’, is now playing Chutki in new show ‘Mad In India‘.

“I am not missing Guthi as there is nothing much to miss about her. I am nervous. But I am not under any pressure, instead I feel there is a sense of responsibility. I don’t want to compare anything with my previous appearance,” he said.

“It is always said that behind every successful man there is a woman, but there is a man behind this successful woman (his character in the show). I have a personality
disorder and this disorder is helping out,” he said.

Though Sunil would again be playing a woman in ‘Mad In India’, his role would be different in the show.

“People have loved my comic antics and I will bring all that together to add more fun to this show ‘Mad In India’. The character Chutki is not similar to Guthi at all. But my objective remains the same – to entertain audience and bring a smile on their face,” Sunil said.

For the role of Chutki, Sunil tried to understand the behaviour of small town girls.

“Chutki is a small town girl and since I also come from a small town I have observed girls in terms of their body language, behaviour etc. That is why I am able to portray the character of girls well. I will not only play the character of
Chukti but will appear in multiple characters,” he said, adding that one will not get to see the real Sunil Grover.

“There is no one called Sunil Grover. In fact, I am also trying to find who Sunil Grover is and that’s what my Twitter handle is. I am someone, who entertains through different characters and not be myself,” he said.

‘Mad in India’ went on air on Star Plus channel from yesterday.