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The first question you naturally end up asking her is, why did she chose to become director when she could have easily been an actress? And Divya Kumar Khosla, who made her directorial debut with Yaariyan recently, smiles right through her response saying, “I did try my hands at acting with Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Sathiyon, but I felt there was more to me than just being an actress and do what I am told to.” She goes on to add, “I know that directing is a far tougher job, but I feel I am able to express myself better behind the camera, I can explore more of my creative side and grow as a person. I want to be much more than just a pretty face on the screen.”

So does she mean to say there is little for actresses to explore in this industry? “No I don’t mean to say that. There is a lot of scope, but it was my personal thought. I felt that I would be limited as an actor, but could do more as a director. And now that I have finished my first film, I stand firm on my belief.”

Being married to a producer, Bhushan Kumar, hasn’t made things easy for her, as many would think. She says, “People think that it’s easy being a producer’s wife. But let me tell you, a number of my scripts and ideas were rejected by him before we finalized Yaariyan. It was never an easy ride for me. I had this huge responsibility of living up to the standards and the name our family has in the industry. I can not afford to be frivolous and irresponsible as a filmmaker otherwise people will say that since I was his wife, I got to do it all. There is a lot at stake and I have to be even more careful than an outsider.”

Now that she has taken the tougher path, what does she plan for her future? She quips, ” I don’t want to stick to a hit formula and try out different things. I am ready to work hard on things I believe in, because I know hard work never fails.”