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Hollywood full of romantic film “Summer In February” first love story and full of drama movie trailer has been released, in this film Hollywood fame actor Jonthon smith and fame actress Emily Browning are play main hero and heroine character.

Hollywood film Director Christopher made the film full of romantic because today in general life 80 percent people were like to romantic story film, in this movie they will cast several stars like these names are Jonathan Smith along with the Emily Browning, Dominique Cooper, Dan Stevens, Hattie Moran and Nicholas Farrell are playing an important role.

This romantic film is taken by from the famous novel “Summer In February” and this film Produced by Jeremy Paipakras old Cowdrey and her story in the early twentieth century artists including Buhymyn lamurna group revolves around.

This full of romantic film made by under the Joint production cross-Day and this movie “Summer In February” last year has been released in the UK in June, now tomorrow this film must be released in America all cinema houses.