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It seems actor Govinda is having nightmares. The actor had never expected that a commoner Santosh Rai, who was allegedly slapped by the actor on a film set in 2008, has now taken his case against the actor to the Supreme Court.

A report says that Rai moved to the Supreme Court yesterday. Rai’s lawyer is alleging that the actor humiliated his client in front of the public. Hence, the actor has been issued a notice. However, the report cannot clarify if he has been asked to put in an appearance.

Quoting Rai, the report adds that he had come to Mumbai to become an actor. However, he was slapped by Govinda and felt very humiliated. He claims to fight this case for six years and has allegedly spent Rs 5 to 6 lakh on lawyers’ fees.

He also adds that since the actor did not call him and apologise, he is more determined to fight a case against him.

The actor had allegedly slapped Rai while shooting for Money Hai To Honey Hai at Filmistan Studio, in 2008. Rai had then filed a case in the Bombay High Court. The court had, however, quashed his case in 2013, saying that Rai had filed the case a year after the incident, making it look like he was instigated to act against the actor.

Govinda has reportedly denied receiving a notice from the Supreme Court.