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After the trailer release of her magnum opus ‘Happy New Year’ that releases this Diwali, Deepika Padukone tried clearing the air about her personal life in an interview given to a newspaper.

When asked about Ranveer Singh, whom she’s reportedly dating, she came out clear in the open saying her past experiences have made her more reserved and silent about her personal life. Deepika feels being celebrities comes with a lot of perks as well as disadvantages and a public announcement somehow calls for a lot more scrutiny into their personal spaces which she’s definitely not looking for. Seems the painful heartbreak from ex beau Ranbir Kapoor has still lingered on to the ‘Chennai Express’ actress.

Deepika also said that she loves Ranveer’s no-nonsense attitude, the way he doesn’t mince his words.She also added that Ranveer is the ‘most compatible’ person she’s ever met.