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Ace comedian and host of super hit comedy show Comedy Nights With Kapil, Kapil Sharma, is extremely busy with his show, events and trying to loose weight for his debut film and so on. But somehow, without any effort from his side, Kapil has ended up in some pretty serious Indian politics. It all started when Narendra Modi tweeted, “I feel the TV serial of comedian Kapil Sharma will close in a few days. His (Rahul Gandhi) videos can be shown by TV people and all the exertion of the elections will go away. You will not have to go anywhere for entertainment.” Kapil, taking it lightly, retweeted it. But with the mania that followed, Kapil had to delete it and post a comment saying, “V all are human beings..I just shared mr modi’s tweet abt d show becoz u all love dis show.. I felt bad n delete that pic n tweet.. Learn to love each other.. Learn to respect each other.. Lets change this world.. So that “humare baad jo generation aye.. Unhe nafrat ka pata hi na ho. God bless this beautiful world.. Keep smiling…Love you all..” The issue does not end here. Priyanka Gandhi at a rally in Amethi took up the issue head on. She addressed the 63-year-old prime ministerial candidate to refrain from “bachpana” (immaturity). “They call my brother a shahzada (prince), they say he is funnier than a comedian…You want to be PM, why are you being childish? Respect that position. Tell people what you’re going to do for them. Talk about employment,” she said. All this back and forth bombardment of comments has nothing to do with Kapil. Yet, Comedy Nights With Kapil’s Bittu is in the middle of the entire scenario. Kapil Sharma’s Comedy Nigths With Kapil has been the talk of the town from the time it aired it’s first episode. The show has grown to become one of the most loved and watched comedy show on Indian Television today. Now with Narendra Modi too appreciating (indirectly) the show, the popularity of the show is sure going to reach new heights. With all this political issues tagged to Kapil Sharma for no apparent reason, hoping it will somehow get some politician on his Comedy Nights, so he can make fun of them in return.