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For his first feature film, “Boys of Abu Ghraib,” writer/director/actor Luke Moran takes an ambitious step by diving into the controversy surrounding the 2003-2004 events of the Abu Ghraib prison where American military officers resorted to torture techniques in order to keep Iraqi detainees in line.

Here, Moran stars as a young American soldier who has just been transferred to the military-controlled prison in the Iraqi city of Abu Ghraib. Besides being understaffed and outnumbered, he soon recognizes the prison conditions are a bit unusual as military guards are relying on more “aggressive” methods. So, when he forms an unlikely friendship with an unassuming detainee (Argo’s Omid Abtahi) who’s been subjected to brutal interrogations, he starts to question the morality of his orders.

Producer/director Edward Zwick (Blood Diamond, The Last Samurai) is serving as one of the film’s executive producers while the cast also features Lord of the Rings’ Sean Astin, Sara Paxton and Twilight’s Michael Welch.

“Boys of Abu Ghraib” hits theaters on March 28th.