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Turkish drama actress Beren Saat is one of the higest paid actress in Turkey.

Beren Saat played the character of a rich women in the TV series Ishq-e-mamnoon (Forbidden Love). If we change the nature of the character (which was bad)then there is no huge difference with “Bihter” since in reality her fortune is so high as in the TV series.

Beren Saat is only 28 years old and is already considered a possible Turkish showbiz paper and as the highest paid in show business. She has left behind the biggest names in showbiz with a big Turkish career

Everyone in Turkey say that the actress “gets all the money.” Read on and you will understand.

Her contract with the production company «Ay Yapim» reaches $ 4,000,000. For Beren Saat the role of “Bihter” was paid for $ 30,000 per episode. Now the tape has gone up and paid for $ 85,000 per episode for the series that literally “tears” in Turkey Fatima Gul (Fatmagulun Sucu Ne?).

For advertising deodorant known company in the world was filled with $ 5,000,000. It is worth noting that after advertising, sales of the product in the countries of the East soared. For the ad company was filled with chips $ 600,000.

A few months ago she bought a mansion worth $ 2,500,000 in Anavutkoy. The fully refurbished internally and externally by spending over $ 600,000 and bought a brand new, expensive furniture raising the value of it even more …