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Sunny Leone couldn’t get even one single hotel room in Indore! Just because Bajrang Dal opposed to the idea of her trip to Indore. But it is strange that there were no qualms for booking a hotel room for her in another city in the same state.

Now, there is a slight change in plans and Sunny will be promoting the film, Ragini MMS 2, in Bhopal. Sunny, shocked and depressed talked about the incident, “Of course, it scares me great deal. It’s sad that some people need to resort to violence to get their point across. I don’t expect this from this country at all. It’s disappointing.”

But Sunny, without giving head ache to the unit, stood with them and changed the location of their film promotion to Bhopal. She continued, “But, what can you do? We had to take it seriously and we called off our visit to Indore as I’m concerned about the security of my associates.”

She also opined that she cared more about the safety of the common public than her own, “More than anything else, it’s about the security of the citizens of the said city. If any violence erupts, it affects the local people the most. I’m not bothered about my safety as I am given a lot of security, but it’s about other people. I wonder why some people would trash their own city and hurt their own people, just to make a point. It’s a shame.”

She added. Ragini MMS 2 is hitting the screens on March 21, 2014.