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Actor-producer Anil Kapoor has launched a global media and entertainment company called Antila Ventures in Dubai.

The company is domiciled in the UK and is targeting its subsidiaries and offices in strategic locations like London, Dubai, Singapore and Los Angeles.

Projects that will immediately go into production under Antila’s Film & TV verticals are: ’24 Season 2′, ’7 Hindustani’ and ‘Battle for Bittora’, an adaptation of Anuja Chauhan’s best-seller.

“Creating such an institution and making it a state of the art content provider has always been an enterprise close to my heart. I now feel the time is right, the market is vibrant and the audiences primed for selective and intelligent content.

“The way I see it, people will not settle for any old stuff, there is too much to choose from and a professional provider becomes vital in the chain so that the end-user gets the best options,” Kapoor said.

Antila also intends to set up a world-class studio facility on the outskirts of Mumbai.

“Having acquired land, the company intends to develop the property soon,” Kapoor said.