Alia Bhatt is too young for Ranbir, says Imtiaz Ali

Alia Bhatt is too young for Ranbir, says Imtiaz Ali

She got rave reviews in what was just her second film. And Imtiaz Ali, who directed Highway, too, only had words of praise for his main protagonist, Alia Bhatt.

But even though she found herself in Highway thanks to Ranbir Kapoor (“Ranbir insisted that I should meet Alia once ” not for any particular project but generally,” Imtiaz had told us in an earlier interview), we’ve learnt that he wanted her in a different film.

A source close to the production tells us that Ranbir had recommended the actress for his own film, Window Seat. But apparently Imtiaz found Alia “too young” for the role.

Imtiaz confirms this and says, “Ranbir has always believed that Alia has a lot of potential as an actor. So he had suggested her name, and asked if she fits the role. But she is too young for the part.”

It’s interesting to note that Imtiaz, instead, cast Alia in Highway, for which he’d initially wanted an older actress.

After the film released, Ranbir was apparently so impressed with Alia’s work that he called to congratulate her.

On her part, the actress too has always been open about her admiration for Ranbir. During the promotions of her debut film, Student of the Year (2012), she had said that “I have always loved Ranbir… He is my biggest crush and he will always remain my biggest crush.”

Ranbir’s film with Imtiaz, which goes on floors later this year, will have Deepika Padukone as the lead actress.

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