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Close to a year and a half after ‘Student Of The Year’, Alia Bhatt would now be seen in ‘Highway’. From a candy floss campus world created by Karan Johar, she finds herself in a much more realistic set up, courtesy Imtiaz Ali.

You would be surprised to hear this but actually, that was not the case. Not many people know that, barring a film or two, whatever films were offered to me, I have said ‘yes’. Now as you can see, hardly any of these are quintessential campus rom-coms, starting with ‘Highway’.

I had read the script and hence was aware of what the movie was and how its genre played. So no, none of it bothered or worried me when I stepped into the shoot. It was a difficult role but then I fully trusted Imtiaz. I went with my instinct. I know people keep asking me whether this or that film would make 100 crore or not. But honestly, when it came to ‘Highway’, none of that mattered to me. It is the experience that counted.

But who said that I didn’t feel high during my no-release period either? (smiles). I don’t think it is such a big break either. It was probably required too. Now, this year I have three releases (Highway, 2 States, Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya). So, it evens out, isn’t it?