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Mumbai Police brought in Russian experts to train their women staff in Tolpar, which is a form of fine martial arts that indulges in knife fighting. The training in Tolpar requires one to be nimble and intelligent more than being physically overpowering. It was quite a surprise that the police folk was joined by Bollywood’s Khiladi Akshay Kumar, who too trained himself in Tolpar along with the women police.

It is widely known that Akshay is a black belt expert and fancies martial arts quite keenly. According to report, Akshay loved the experience of learning Toplar. Mostly an intelligent way of fighting, Toplar gives women an edge over men who depend on physical prowess for their strength.

Akshay’s involvement in learning newer forms of martial arts and his curiousness to explore more varieties, shows the actor’s deep interest in women’s safety. With the number of rape cases being lodged doubling itself over time, and sexual terrorism almost at its hilt, Tolpar will atleast help keep Mumbai tad bit safer.