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Chances are that if you run into Aamir Khan, instead of greeting you in Hindi or angrezi, the actor will stump you with his Bhojpuri.

No, Mr Perfectionist hasn’t moved into Dinesh Lal Yadav ‘Nirahua’ and Manoj Tiwari’s territory. But he plays a guy who enjoys a tipple and speaks the lingo in Rajkumar Hirani’s Christmas offering, P.K.

According to a report, “When he was shooting for the film, Aamir simply learnt his lines and rattled them off. But he took a shine to the language and decided that when he had the time, he would learn Bhojpuri properly.”

Now, he has got himself a tutor but Aamir being Aamir, doesn’t restrict his interest to lessons alone. He converses in the newly-learnt language with members of his staff, family, friends, colleagues, in fact, anyone who drops by to meet him these days. “He will order tea in Bhojpuri, suddenly break into the language in the middle of a conversation and sees you off with a `Phir milab’,” report.

A few years ago, Aamir had made a resolution on his birthday to learn something new every year. One year, it was Marathi and another year it was swimming.

“He had not been allowed to step into a pool as a child because his mother was terrified that he might drown. Years later, he not only learnt swimming but even dived underwater when filming Talaash,” according to the report.

Maybe the new language will come in handy sometime too, but for now Aamir is simply enjoying it.

The actor’s spokesperson confirmed the news saying, “Yes, these days, Aamir is speaking to everyone around in Bhojpuri.”