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Raaz and Its Sequels:

Raaz was not path breaking horror but it was a film that scared you sufficiently without getting over the top ridiculous. But with each sequel, the film’s tone got louder and its hold over telling a simple story reduced. Undoubtedly none of the sequels matched up to the horror level of Raaz, which was set in Ooty and unraveled a story of a cheating husband, his loveless marriage and his lover who too was validly seeking love. Drawn out of a strong story, Raaz was a more sorted out film as compared to its sequels that followed.

Race and Race 2:

There is one clear winner here and it is Race. Race 2 was a shabby copy of its original and missed the soul of the earlier film. The sibling rivalry, the unpredictability factor and the brutality had worked in Race. But the problem is Race 2 was just the same. It was no different from the earlier film, just glossier and relatively soulless. The problem with such sequels is that they don’t attempt anything different than their last plot and hence loses itself in predictability. Race 2 was a bunch of really good looking people trying to make better money than Race. Fair enough.

Dabangg and Dabangg 2:

Now, this is a classic case of a bad sequel. While Chulbul Pandey in all his wickedness is the quintessential larger than life hero, Arbaaz in Dabangg 2 failed to create a similar charm. The story was weak, there was no Chedi Singh and Dabangg 2 was a second hand, poor copy of a film that introduced a memorable character.

Singham and Singham Returns:

Singham Returns was less over the top and a more meticulously scripted film. What goes wrong? It was commercially not accepted as much as it should have been. Singham‘s punches were missing and the sequel doesn’t try anything new with the film, relying solely on the lead man to pull the film. Rohit’s decision to keep the film more grounded is a smart move for his career but he has now created this insatiable need in people to deliver over the top gimmicks. Singham Returns can’t be called as a bad sequel but it was no better than the original, maintaining the same that happened in the earlier edition and hence doesn’t surprise you.

Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish 3:

It’s a common discussion in the industry that despite the scores of money Krrish 3 made what was wrong with me. I thought it was a ridiculous mishmash of popular superhero films from Hollywood, almost to the extent of lame. A scene by scene, shot by shot copy of every superhero film Hollywood has churned out, the problem was just not that. Koi Mil Gaya despite being judiciously scooped out of Extraterrestrial had its own intrinsic soul to it which connected with people, Krrish 3 was a hotchpotch story that copies from so many sources that it goes haywire and concludes on a weak note.

Houseful and Houseful 2:

Anything that has Sajid Khan written on it cannot be right. But there was a time when Housefull was considered funny. Keeping my opinion aside, the film did really well but Housefull 2 lacked the same magic. By then, Sajid’s intelligence was replaced with arrogance and the film was horrible. Cheap jokes and stooping low for funny is Sajid but Housefull 2 was worse than Housefull which atleast can make a child smile. The next cannot be fit for children because we don’t want our little ones to grow up into idiots.

Jism and Jism 2:

We had denounced the expectation of an original from the Bhatt camp soon after Mahesh Bhatt retired. But it doesn’t mean they always make bad copies of Korean films or Hollywood films or their films. Some are pretty good and amongst them was a Jism, where a seductive Bipasha Basu and a smoldering John Abraham did a job good enough for the audiences to get invested in the story of the film. Jism 2 with a very bold Sunny Leone as its protagonist lacked the push of a good story.